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Engine Detailing
Did you know that most people are unaware that Unclear, Hazy, Foggy and Yellowed Headlight Lenses are responsible for numerous sudden collisions on the road today?

Today, cars on the road have some degree of oxidation or cloudiness of the headlight lenses that makes them unsafe and actually a hazard for night time driving, not only can the driver not see, but others cannot not see them either.

ENGINE DETAILING mainly involves these steps
After warming the engine and protecting sensitive areas, an engine degreaser is applied.

When everything is dry, and your engine has cooled, we apply a coating of the engine protectant.

Benefits of Engine Detailing:
There are many benefits to detailing the engine on a car. Besides looking new and well cared for, a clean engine will add value to a car.

Importantly engine detailing removes all the oil and dirt that has built up on rubber pipes which deteriorates the rubber hose.

It also cleans the dirt which is drawn into inlet manifolds and high voltage areas, which can cause breakdowns.

We at Motoshines find that detailing their engine is just the beginning of a long road toward engine beautification. Other embellishments include polishing aluminum parts, painting key parts with bright colors, and adding chrome. Whatever you choose, we will make it your style.
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