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Disc brake cleaner is used to effectively remove the dust, dirt and oil, brake fluid and any build-up that can prevent your brakes from working properly.

When you apply the brakes, the callipers grab the rotors in order to stop or decrease the speed of your automobile. Every time you hit the brakes the material on the callipers vaporizes a bit and turns to dust. This is where the dust build-up comes from. Left alone, the dusty build-up will eventually coat and damage the vehicle's rotors.

Brake cleaner safely and effectively removes this black, dusty build-up while also lubricates the wheels. Using brake cleaner regularly will keep your brake system working properly, prolong the life of your rotors, and maximise brake efficiency.

• Removes unhealthy airborne dust
• Maximises brake efficiency
• Reduces brake noise
• Removes contaminants, build-up and debris that can inhibit your braking ability
• Cleans brake and clutch parts without dismantling
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